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Cara thinks she’s so punny. She said that Cole and I are “zole-mates” as in soulmates. But Zole.

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Stunted-face of IM5

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I just called myself Sara. My name is not Sara. I need to sleep.

This is what happens when we decide to stay up all night….

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Good shit tends to happen to me when i wear this shirt LOL. like i just so happened to be wearing this shirt when both david and cole followed me on twitter, i was wearing this shirt when i got my call from barnes & noble for a job interview, i was wearing this shirt when the guys announced they’d be performing at the sd fair, i was wearing this shirt when i got tickets for nerd hq this week for comic con, and now i’m wearing this shirt and my mom bought me twerk du soleil tickets PLUS said she’d buy me tickets to see 5sos at the forum. like i just may never take this shirt off ever again

Adorbsss <3 Those shirts are just so soft and comfortable!

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